We at Marine Resale specialize in finding top quality boats at a fraction of NADA standards. With tons of experience in the boating industry, Marine Resale owner John Rivette knows a clean, well maintained boat when he sees one. Most of our boats are bank repos or low time used boats. Before and after purchasing, our boats go through a stringent inspection. Any flaws are corrected in a superior fashion and motors are assured in top running condition. We guarantee customer satisfaction!!! We also handle used outboard motors and parts. LET US FIND YOUR BOAT!

Everyone wants to save a little bit of green, and most of the time; if it's too good to be true it probably is. We guarantee that we can put you in a quality boat, and you'll pay less than NADA says its worth. Oh, and when you call us, forget about having to pick what language you'd like to speak to us in. You call, we answer, you email, we're ready to respond.